Organization of National and International Conferences

Period Activity
1986- Chairperson of an annual meeting of the Israeli IEEE Chapter for Microelectronics, Technion, March.
1993- Session Chairperson, "Semiconductor Devices", Meeting of the Israeli Vacuum Society, February, Tel-Aviv University.
1994- Co-chairperson of a Workshop on Microsystems and Micromachinary (with Prof. Senturia from MIT), Technion, June 25-30.
1994- Chairperson of the Organization of the Annual Meeting of the Israeli Association for Crystal Growth, Hebrew University, November 18, Jerusalem.
1995 Session Chairperson, "Electronic Devices". The 18th Convention of IEEE in Israel, Tel-Aviv, March 7-8, 1995.
1995- Chairperson of an annual meeting of the Israeli Association for Crystal Growth, November 29, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1996- Co-chairperson of the 1st Technion-EPFL workshop on "Microsystems and Nanoelectronics", February 14-16, Technion.
1996- Session Chairperson, "Microelectronics and Chemistry". The 32nd Conference of the Israel Institute of Chemical Engineering, April 8, Dan Panorama, Tel-Aviv.
1996- Session Chairperson, "Electronic Devices". The 19th Convention of IEEE in Israel, Jerusalem, 5-6 November, 1996.
1996- Session Chairperson, "Micromachining and Microsystems", The 1st Conference of URSI-International Union for Radio Science, Tel Aviv, December 12, 1996.
1997- Organizing Committee and Session Chairperson of the 17th Israeli Vacuum Society Conference joint with the Israeli Association for Crystal Growth and the Israel IEEE-Electron Device Society, December 4, 1997, Tel Aviv University.
1997-1998 Organizing Committee of the International Crystal Growth Conference (ICGC12) and the International Crystal Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth (ICVPEG10), Jerusalem, July (1998).
1998 (May) - Session Chairperson, "Electron Devices", Melecon'98, 9th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, May 18-20 (1998), Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1998- Organizing Committee and Session Chairperson, Israel Materials Union–AGIL, November (1998), Ramat Gan.
1998- Session Chairperson, "Biochips and Biosensors", URSI, December, Technion.
2000- Session Chairperson, "MEMS and Solid State Devices for Light Processing", URSI, The 4th Annual Conference, The Israel National Committee for Radio Science, February, Tel-Aviv University.
2000- Session Chairperson, "Electron Devices", The 21st Annual Meeting of IEEE, Israel, April, Tel-Aviv.
2000- IEEE/Lasers and Electro-Optics Society, International Conference on Optical MEMS 2000, 21-24 August, Hawaii: Technical Program Committee.
2000- Member of the Panel, "Women in Workplace", Technoda, March.
2000- Session Chairperson, Workshop on Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS), May 22-24, Technion.
2000- Chairperson of the Annual Meeting of the Israeli Crystal Growth Association, December 20, the Weizmann Institute of Science.
2001- Organization & Technical Committee of Optical MEMS, 2001, Okinawa, Japan (IEEE/LEOS).
2001- Councilor of ICCG-13/ICVGE-11, the 13th International Conference of Crystal Growth in Conjunction with the 11th International Conference of Vap or Phase and Epitaxy, 2001, Kyoto, Japan.
2001- Organizing Committee, MEMS day in Israel, November 15, 2001, Mosad Neeman, Technion.
2002- 0rganizing & Programme Committee of the IEEE Africon 2002 Conference to be held in Fancourt Hotel, George, South Africa from 1 to 5 October, 2002.
2002- Organization & Technical Committee of Optical MEMS, 2002, Lugano, Switzerland (IEEE/LEOS).
2002- Session Chairperson, Bi-National France-Israel Symposium on "Enabling Nano- and Micro-Technologies in Biotechnology", Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel, October 31, 2002.
2002- Chairperson, ISRAMEMS'02, October 21st, 2002, Mosad Neheman.
The 1st annual meeting of the Israeli MEMS Society (associated with IEEE and ASME).