Public Professional Activities

Period Activity
1983-1984 Member of the Steering Committee of the Microelectronics Activity at Rafael (appointed by the director of Rafael).
1986-1990 Chairperson of the Israeli IEEE Chapter for Microelectronics.
1991-1998 Member of the Executive Committee of the Vortman Foundation for the promotion of excellence and technological leadership of high school students.
1993-2000 Member of the Board of the Israeli Association for Crystal Growth.
1995-1999 Chairperson of the Israeli Association for Crystal Growth.
The 22nd IEEE Meeting, 1.12.2002, Tel-Aviv.
1995-1999 Member of the Board of the Israeli Vacuum Society.
1996- Chairperson of Section D (Electronics and Photonics – Microelectronics, Electron Devices, VLSI, Electro-Optical Devices), URSI-Israel National Committee for Radio Science.
1997-1998 Member of the "Ort 2000" Committee to encourage more women into high-tech industry.
1999- Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves (JIRMW).
2000- Higher Education Council Accreditation Committee for B.Sc. degree program proposed by the Holon Academic Institute of Technology.
2002- One of the Technion Founders of the Optical MEMS Consortium, Ministry of Industry & Commerce.
2002- Member of the Managing Committee of the Optical Packaging Consortium, Ministry of Industry & Commerce..
2002- Member of the board of the Israeli MEMS society.
2003- Member of the Editorial Board of the Sensors Letters (IEEE).
2003- European network of excellence "System on Chip".
2004- Member of the committee of IEEE Women in Engineering Awards.
2005 PhD Opponent, Dept. of Microelectronics and Information Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, December 2005.